Current version is for demo purposes

This application is used to register boat for the Division of Agriculture's department of Marine Affair
It consists of two parts:
  1. Data entry form for boat registration information (Official Use only) <.li>
  2. Boat lookup form (Authorized users ONLY)

Notes on boats registration Project

  • Website consists of mainly Bootstrap, JQUERY, PHP and MYSQL
  • Bootstrap used create my frontend
  • JQUERY used to make site interactive
  • MSQL database used store the boat data
  • PHP used to "talk" to the databse

Main files:

  • boatReg & boatSearch (HTML)
  • boatList & boatNameSuggest & suggestBtName (PHP)
  • boatList (JS)

Click HERE to search for a boat

This project came about from a conversation I have with a friend working in the Marine department in the Division of Agricultural.
When he found out I could create web based applications, he told me about his need for a application in which he could store
boat/fisher folk registration information as well as allow the authorized users the ability to search the site.