This project is a Proof of Concept that shows how the web can be used by two sets of people: Fishermen to expand their market from the village to the entire island; and the Fisheries and Aquaculture Unit's staff to manage the data collected by Fisheries Division.

I was prompted by an article in the local newspapers about the building of landing sites and markets in various fishing villages on the island to create a web based application which will allow the fishermen to share information about their catch with anyone who has access to the website.

The concept is simple, Fishermen call a data collection site with information about their catch (location, species, cost per lb, etc). A map (labled today's catch) displays only the landing and market sites that matches the data collected. Hovering over the site will display information about the catch

Having read recently that the division has employed data collectors, I believe this web app can be adapted to include all the features needed to collect, manage and analyze the data collected.

The basic steps are:

  1. Location Of All Landing Site (hover over site for info about site)
  2. Data Entry (Catch Information Data Entered Here)
  3. Today's Catch (Location of Fish Caught Today)
  4. Chris