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See the technical details in the README page.

My goal is to is to use technology to create a virtual market for the farmers on the island of Tobago.
It is based on my experience trying to sell produce that I grew. I spent many a days asking anyone and
everyone whether they would buy what I had to sell. I was most frustrating and inefficient process.
Not wanting to waste my time, I decided to find a better way.

The app consists of 3 parts:

  1. Display what Farmers have to sell
  2. Display what Buyers want
  3. Data Entry Form
The idea is to create a place where farmers could "display" what crops they have to sell and buyers could do the
same. The hope is that between the two,there will be a synergy. Such that farmers will plant what large buyers
like hotels, groceries, etc and buyers in turn will be able to get what they need in the quantity they want from
a group of farmers.