Update 10/15/2016

From the list I posted in a previous update and some new items:

Update 09/08/2016

Got the basic (proof of concept) working....
As with any app, there are a few things that need to be cleaned up
as well as new features to be added

I need to:

Update 09/08/2016

Man!! Been having an issue...
Where the results of clicking on the submit button were inconsistent.
Turns out there was a simple fix which was prevent the default submit action with a "return false"
var data = $("form").serialize();
type: "POST",
dataType: 'HTML',
} //end success
}); //end ajax
return false; //needed to stop default form submit action
}); //end click

Update 08/28/2016

Besides the Buyers and Sellers pages, I worked on comprehensive data entry page.
Encountered a problem where the data was not being written to the database. This was due the
fact that the database storage engine the InnoDB type as opposed to the MyISAM storage engine type

Used the following to convert each table from Innodb to MyISAM: ALTER TABLE t1 ENGINE = InnoDB;
In PhpMyadmin 4.5 Select the variable tab and find for storage engine and Select Edit and type MyISAM.

Update 07/07/2016

Created a front-end that asks for a user name and password.
Working on the form for New users
Logging in re-directs the user to the main page.

To be done

Update 06/19/2016

Accomplished quite a bit!!

I revamped the look and feel. Wanted to make it simple and easy to use.
Now there are 4 tabs:

Thngs to be done:
1. Data Entry form for both Farmer and Buyer
2. Redo the query statements to use the prepare statements so as to avoid sql injection
3. Remove old rows -- decide how long data should be displayed
4. Beta test the application

The main tabs are Sellers and Buyers
1. Click on the either tab and you will see a list of produce to buy or to sell
2. Click on the button associated with the a specific produce and you will get more details which includes amounts, cost/price. etc.
3. Click on the button associated with a row and you will get contact info or either the farmer or the buyer

Update 06/09/2016

-- Finished the first pass at the Sellers page.
-- have to re-do php/mysql page so as to avoid the possibility of injection

-- Looking for beta testers so I can get some feedback

-- Next up is the data entry page for Sellers produce info


user logs in (HTML)
--> name written to usersloggedin table (MYSQL) --> scripts used: userlogin.js & userlogin.php

STEP 2: Adding new data
Uses info from login table to fiil in fields in data entry page (produceInfo.html)
--> produce written to produceInfo table
--> scripts used: produceInfo.js & produceInfo.php

Wanttosell/farmers page displays basic information about all the produce available
--> simple query of the database via a php script
--> results of the query are displayed via a jquery script

Revised model:
Main pages:

Sellers Page

  1. Default page shows a list of produce available
  2. Click the button associated with a row (step 1)to get more information about a specific item
  3. Click the button associated with an item (step 2) to get information about the Farmer