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See the technical details in the README page.

The Goal of this project is to create a SIMPLE (note the word simple) web based inventory tracking system.
The object of this application is the keep track of where a piece of equipment is currently located.

A bit of background:
-- There are three "groups"

  1. Fixed (switches, routers, servers) equipment. These tend to be moved infrequently. Usually when an upgrade is done
    The old piece may either be placed in storage or put to use somewhere else.
  2. Computing (PCs, MACs, Laptops,) equipment. These are assigned to people and located in their offices.
  3. At home/personal use (mainly PCs and Laptops) equipment. Equipment given to someone for use offsite.

As you can guess in such a dynanic environment, it is hard to keep track of these groups (especially groups 2 and 3)
on paper. Though an Excel file or Access database can work for the most part, the major drawback for me is that
they are not as flexible as a SQL database, can not be used as a web app backend and will not scale vey well over time.
A minor drawback is neither is open source.

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