Since my main goal for this application is to keep track of the location of the various pieces of equipment, my first version
consisted of three pages. The first that allows you to data enter complete information about a piece of equipment, the second
one displays the current location by quering based on the CIT or SERIAL number and the third allows you to update the new
location of a piece that has been moved. The data was being stored in 3 tables, one for each group.

Based on the feedback and sugestions I got from the few people I showed my "simple" application, I made changes and additions
The main ones being allowing access to meta (p.o.s, requisition) data about each piece of equipment, another is to saving all previous
locations and comments when a location update is made. This data is stored in a separated table.

Originally, my plan was to keep the 3 groups in separate tables but this may be a problem with maintenance as the database grows in
the future. So going forward, all the data will be stored in a one table.

For a typical piece of equipment, the process would be...
  1. Enter data for new piece of equipment
  2. Create directories and upload supporting documents
  3. Search for a specific piece of equipment
  4. Edit the data for specific piece of Equipment

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