I’m excited!

I recently did a DevOpps fellowship at Insight. It was an intense and exhilarating experience. My reason for accepting the fellowship was so that I could learn about network infrastructure in the cloud. The world of data collection has drastically since my days as a system admin at a market research company. After suffering burnout I moved into doing technical support, training and web app programming. During all this time, I have never lost my love for infrastructure.

The fellowship gave me the opportunity to explore different areas of network infrastructure automation. Some of the areas included Continuous Integration/Deployment, Monitoring, Infrastructure as code. The DevOps fellowship took place at the same time as the Data Engineering fellowships so I was able to understand their role in the ecosystem of collecting and managing of very large datasets.

Part of the fellowship included a project that implements an area of DevOPs I am interested in. My project included monitoring of the network (Click here)

I am looking forward to gaining more Devops experience so I can become an expert.