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Database Notes

MySQL has been my database of choice for the web app projects I worked on. My fellowship experience has made me realize that my level of knowledge was limited due to the size of my data and the complexity of

I’m excited!

I recently did a DevOpps fellowship at Insight. It was an intense and exhilarating experience. My reason for accepting the fellowship was so that I could learn about network infrastructure in the cloud. The world of data collection has drastically

Clean Code

The benefits of writing clean code: Clean code helps minimize the time needed to spend reading and trying to understand the code. Messy code has the uncanny ability to slow down any developer and make his work much harder. The

Steps to success

From an article I read on Datacamp: 1. Don’t get overwhelmed Don’t let the new technologies and terminology overwhelm and intimidate you. It may seem like there is sooooo much you don’t know. As with everything, start st the beginning,

To the future

I recently returned to New York City after a little over 2 years in Tobago.  I must say, I was very naive going down there.  I was going as a change agent.  Change did happen, but not in the ways

Climate Change: Part 1… Rainfall:– Is it declining??

I recently did some of Coursera’s data science modules as way to sharpen my skills in big data. The modules use R to process the data and do the statistical analysis. My goal is to use this knowledge, I will

Tobago farming: Packaging House — Step into the future or another ‘white elephant’

So, It has been awhile (about 6 months)  since I thought about the new packing house in Tobago.  The packing plant is now officially open and so far it is not being used to its full capacity. When I first

Gotta have a rationale

After speaking to my brother tonight (04/14) I realize I need to get my act together.  We were discussing an idea I have for a project and he sensed how unprepared I was. He advised that I document my thoughts