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Python Variable

Variable Assignment: n = 300 — python creates an object of type integer in memory and assigns n as a pointer to it’s location. m = n — python DOES NOT create a not integer object, but assigns m as

Python Files

Use the open() method to access the contents of a file. example: FH = open(“filename”, “mode”) –> returns a file object that can be used to manipulate the file’s content. More efficient way: with open(“filename”, “mode”) as FH: –> returns

Python files (CSV data)

Libraries: CSV and JSON CSV Methods: reader() –> returns a reader object. Each row read from the csv file is returned as a list of strings. No automatic data type conversion is performed. DictReader() –> returns a writer object responsible

Gotta have a rationale

After speaking to my brother tonight (04/14) I realize I need to get my act together.  We were discussing an idea I have for a project and he sensed how unprepared I was. He advised that I document my thoughts