This project started is a way for me to use what I learned in my GIS classes to do some basic data visualization and later on some analysis of census data of Tobago. Boy how simplistic and naive. The map consisted of a plain image of Tobago's Parishes and a lot of behind the scences coding to set up the pop-ups with data for each Parish.
Click here to see the results of my initial effort.
It been awhile (years) since I worked on this due to life's twists and turns as well as the difficulty I had getting data and shape file with the proper projection. I gave up in frustration. Since my initial effort, I kept up with the going ons of the CSO both in the local papers as well as their website and am happy the see that they are making more data available. Also during that time, I was able to create a base map with the correct projection!!! as well as learned how to use various opensource sofware packages (see the "Project Notes" tab) to display maps amd the data associated with the maps.

Notes on Tobago Census Project

  • Website consists of mainly Bootstrap, JQUERY, Leaflet and Postgress
  • Bootstrap used create my frontend
  • JQUERY used to show/hide map and infomation boxes
  • Leaflet used display geographic images
  • Postgres database used store the shapefiles
  • Geoserver used to publish geospatial data via a Web Mapping Service (WMS)

Main files:


The land of my birth. It is the better of the two Islands (in my opinion) that make up the country of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

The goal of this project is to use what I learned in my GIS classes to do an analysis of census data of Tobago.

I am using open-source software pakages to create maps and process the data.
My preference is to use open-source software as much as possible but for some situations, the open-source applications available for GIS are not yet as sophisticated as ESRI's