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The Public Transport Service (PTSC) in Tobago is currently the responsibility of the national government of Trinidad and Tobago.
Despite the cries of Tobagonians and promises from the central government, the quality of service has deteriorated over the years
to the point where there is no bus terminal, no central location to buy tickets and very few buses running. The System is inefficient,
unorganized and unreliable. Oftentimes you can find yourself waiting for a bus that may never come. This occurs because buses
are old and break down frequently, and when service on routes gets canceled there is no way for customers to know this unless
they are physically at the main terminal. You can call the PTSC contact number but no one answers. This results in the use of
an alternative transport system that becomes too expensive for the average citizen.

This application is part of a system for enhancing and adding value to the Public Transportation Service (PTS) in Tobago.
It will serve to answer the question “Where is the bus?”. It is part of a system that consist of a GPS enabled bus, software/server
that collects/stores bus data (location, speed, route, direction, etc.) and software/application to access/display bus data.

Notes on Bus Tracker Project

  • Website consists of mainly Bootstrap, JQUERY, leafletjs and MYSQL
  • Bootstrap used create my frontend
  • JQUERY used to make site interactive
  • MySQL database used to store the bus data
  • leafletjs used to display map of Tobago

Main files:

  • (HTML)
  • (PHP)
  • (JS)

Click HERE to see map of routes

This project came about from an experience I had waiting for a bust that never came. After waiting for over an hour
I had to take a route car which was very expensive